Rio 2016 Olympic Games Authorized Ticket Reseller

RIO 2016 Olympics: Wakanow is Authorized Ticket Reseller

The Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) yesterday unveiled tour and hospitality services provider, Wakanow, as the country’s sole authorized ticket provider for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games scheduled for August.

The right empowers Wakanow to sell tickets and also arrange easy passage for Nigerians, who wish to witness the Olympic Games from August 5 to 21.

At the unveiling held in the NOC boardroom in Lagos yesterday, the Committee’s president, Habu Gumel, described the partnership with Wakanow as part of its programmes to ensure that Nigerians get seamless access to the tickets and other logistics connected with the games.

He said the Committee’s decision to re-appoint Wakanow as an authorized ticket provider for Rio 2016 Olympic Games after their first pact for the London 2012 Olympics was based on the company’s track records and competence in the travels and hospitality industry.

Also speaking at the event, NOC Secretary General, Tunde Popoola, said the pact with Wakanow would enhance Nigeria’s participation at the 2016 Olympics because the company has the resources to move our fans to all the venues to support Team Nigeria.

“We had the same partnership in 2012 and we are happy that we have a partner that believes that the NOC should be bigger and better than it is. We need to thank the company for contributing to the re-branding of the NOC. The IOC is aware of our partnership with Wakanow,” he said.

Wakanow MD/CEO Obinna Ekezie expressed the company’s delight with its reappointment as NOC’s authorized ticket provider, said his Wakanow has acquired the experience to do better than it did at the London 2012 Olympics and the 2014 World Cup, which incidentally was held in Brazil.

RIO 2016: Wakanow is Authorized Ticket Reseller
Obinna Ekezie, MD/CEO Wakanow

He said: “We are keen in this partnership because we have very hardworking and knowledgeable people manning the NOC.

“We have over 30 outlets across the country where people can go to access the tickets and key into our packages for the Olympics. We are working closely with the airlines to take care of the difficulty with connectivity in Brazil.
“We are also looking at ways to provide affordable fares and other logistics for Nigerians going to Brazil, but we advise interested parties to book their package on time so that we can start processing their documents.”

Mr. Ekezie revealed Wakanow’s installment payment platform – Pay Small Small which would afford travelers the ease of payment, adding, however, there are terms and conditions for booking a trip to the games through Wakanow.

“We cannot take more people than we can handle, but we assure everybody that books his ticket on time that he will have an easy passage to the games. You cannot come a week before the games to ask us to include you in our programme.

“We have set dates when people must have paid their money to allow us secure visas, accommodation and book flights for them. Already, we have our support staff who will be going to Brazil in a few weeks to start preparing for our client’s arrival for the games,” he added.

Wakanow, the Rio 2016 Authorized Sole Ticket Reseller for Nigeria in the 2016 Olympic Games is pleased to take you to Brazil to join the world’s finest athletes in exciting adventures of sports and tourism in the enchanting city of Rio.

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