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Groove Your Way Through 2024: Top 10 Travel Destinations To Visit.

New Year resolutions; we take these things far too seriously. LOL. However, I’ll be the last person to discourage not to keep to them. It’s an amazing thing when people make conscious efforts to have a change in attitude, outlook at life, health matters, work, relationships, lifestyle, life goals, or even travel goals. Over here we love travel goals – what more sounds better than travel around the world and do amazing things? So, we have come up with the top 10 travel destinations to visit this year in no particular order.

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Everyone should visit Dubai at least once in a lifetime. With inexhaustible tourist attractions and activities, the city will keep you coming back. A taste of everything from the winding streets of Old Dubai, the gold and spice souks, to driving in the safari through the desert sands, a day at the kite beach, a visit to the museum, an adrenaline-pumping day at the IMG World of adventure; an indoor theme park and a trip to the iconic Burj Khalifa; the tallest building in the world. Dubai is nothing short of the excitement you’ve seen in videos and pictures – it’s even better. The Dubai Expo this year, in September, should convince you enough to grab a ticket and visit this perfect destination for just anyone – be it singles, couples, families or adventure seekers.

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Cape Verde

I’ll be specific. Rising from the Atlantic, about 500km off the coast of Senegal. The Island country of Cape Verde was originally discovered by the Portuguese and later used during the Atlantic slave trade as the final departure point for West African slaves to America and Europe.

A country of 10 clusters of islands born out of an angry volcanic eruption, Cape Verde has evolved from its old ruins to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations to travel to in recent age. With an all year round sun kind of weather, you can visit anytime and indulge in fun activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, luxury boat riding, horseback riding, island hopping, quad biking, surf riding and lots more around the island.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

With the recently relaxed visa rules, though it doesn’t apply to most African countries – Saudi Arabia has opened its door wide open to tourists from all over the world. Already one of the top destinations familiar to Nigerians for pilgrimage. The best part of Saudi comes when you go on tour after the pilgrimage. From watching the sunset over the magnificent Riyadh sky bridge, walking through the streets of Old Jeddah – leading to the medieval seaport of the city, to exploring the Al ‘Ula; a 2,000-year-old town made of stones and mud in the desert. A visit to the “Edge of the World” and Mount Horeb; a site said to be where Moses received the 10 Commandments would mark a perfect tour of a large country broadly unknown to most and is accessible to all travellers and hosts fascinating places.

Destination florence


Home to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci and birthplace to the famous Monarch; Lorenzo Medici. Florence, the capital of the region of Tuscany in Italy. A city, famous for tourism – undoubtedly a major part of its economy with an average of 13 million people visiting the city each year.

Florence offers a wide array of options for the curious tourist to explore; from history to arts, architecture, cuisines, royalty, and parks. The list goes on – however, here’s one free advice when you eventually make that trip. Do not, I repeat, do not miss a tour of the famous Duomo, simply known in Florence as the jewel of the city and arguably the most celebrated cathedral in the world.

Destinations Jamaica


Weh Yuh Ah Seh Mi a fi Leff Inna di morrows to Mama Land, Jamaica wi mi boonoonoonoos. I got you on that easy piece of Patois, right?

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is known for its colourful and rich culture. Rightfully referred to as the pulse and heartbeat of the Caribbean by me because I beg to differ, it is.

From every sunrise till when the sun disappears over the horizon, overlooking the beautiful blue seas at night, Jamaica presents a magnificent palette of experiences, a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds that makes the island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean and you’ll definitely go back for more. With a unique culture, engaging activities, breathtaking landscapes, and warm eyed, welcoming locals.
The beat of reggae. The searing smell of jerk over the fire. The swizzle of rum in your glass. No place on earth provides the range of attractions and the cultural diversity that can be found here. No place on earth feels like it. No place on earth shines like it. Jamaica, the home of rhythm and sway. We’ve got the best plug to help you get a visa to any of the best destinations in the world.

Destinations Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

One of the best things that can happen to you this year is to visit Bangkok and come back to tell the story of the city that began as a small trading centre and port community on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River about 200 years ago. However, as of today, it ranked the world’s most visited city in 2019 for the fourth year in a row. Bangkok, an energy-filled city with a mix of both ancient and modern culture as well as an incredible street food scene, tranquil temples, palaces, and gardens amongst the charming chaos. A city that has everything!

Destination Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas – I bet that statement is 100% true and that’s why you hardly find anyone on the streets of travel blogs telling you of all the good stuff that awaits you in Las Vegas.

Let’s give you an inside gist of all the goodies in “Sin City” – Don’t book a cheap hotel away from all the attractions just because it is the wisest decision to make when you travel. The middle of the Vegas Strip is the best location to book your hotel, now that’s free advice even though it’s not wise. You can easily get lost with loads of activities as Las Vegas has so many of them from entertainment, dining, shopping, nightlife, golf, and spa options, it can be tough to choose which experiences are perfect for your trip. That’s where we come in – Wakanow Holidays.

Destinations Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

To Seoul, you can go solo, in twos or in a large group. A destination for solo tourists, easy to get around, and welcoming wide-open arms locals, always kind and willing to help tourists.

The city is full of modern conveniences that take everyday luxury to another level. There’s free WiFi everywhere for everyone and you can Uber around the city. Great for travellers on a budget since there are a ton of low-cost options for hotel stays and food. The street food in Seoul is a must! You should try it when you make the trip

Destinations Rio

Rio De Janeiro

A quick description of the city of Rio De Janeiro: Seductive golden sandy beaches and lush mountains, samba-fueled nightlife, and easy-going locals; welcome to the Cidade Maravilhosa. The bustling city of Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most popular and frequented tourist destination for decades. A vibrant city bursting with culture and pulsating with a deep sense of history and heritage it’s no wonder why it is the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere

Rio De Janeiro is one of the world’s perfect getaway destinations halfway into the year, although, summertime is also is never a bad time to go have the best time of your life.

Destination Peurto Rico

Peurto Rico

Mama mia!!! Peurto Rico! I bet you didn’t expect this destination to be on the list for 2020, and it’s my duty to tell you why it is the perfect place for you – a magnificent unique island with Spanish Caribbean culture and an obvious American vibe.

Beautiful palm-lined beaches, calm warm waters lapping the shiny sands of the beach, and others with huge waves and famous breaks, a beach lover’s dream. From couples and families to hard-core surfers. The seafood, carnivals, shopping the list goes on.

If travelling is one of your new year’s resolutions and you’re already excited just reading this. Send an email to holidays@wakanow.com, remember, we really want you to see the world.

The best thing about Wakanow holiday packages is the range of options that are available to everyone, from the family package to the solo adventure packages and even something for lovers.

Let’s help make your resolution a reality! Explore the world – where you are is just .000000000128% of the earth.

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