Top Christmas Gift Items For Travellers

Picking Christmas gifts for frequent travellers in your life can be difficult. Some jet-setters are never home enough to fully unpack, let alone enjoy a present meant for the house. In those cases, think about gifts they can use to add comfort, entertainment and convenience to their travels instead.

Here are our top gift ideas for frequent travellers:

  • Noise-canceling headphones: A must-have for any frequent flier, noise-cancelling headphones can make all the difference. These type of headphones will make a good Christmas gift for that close friend who loves to travel. These headphones are vital when you’re trying to tune out a fussy baby or hear an in-flight movie over the engine’s drone. Don’t forget extra batteries!
  • Lounge access: Getting a lounge access as a Christmas gift for that family member of yours who travels a lot will be very thoughtful. Find out which airports and terminals the person you’re buying for frequents before deciding on a pass. Minimum memberships start with a yearly base fee and require an additional per-visit fee, while more expensive memberships can cover unlimited lounge access with no additional fees.
  • E-reader: E-readers and tablets are great for passing time on long flights, can be loaded with new content wherever there’s Wi-Fi, and allow for lighter packing than a suitcase full of novels. If they already have one, consider online store credit to keep it stocked. So say a Kindle could make a great Christmas gift for your bookworm traveller friend.
  • Wi-Fi credit: Help your frequent flier stay connected no matter where they are.Getting Skype credit as a Christmas gift for your loved ones can be used for Wi-Fi hotspots, text messaging and phone calls. What a way to surprise someone this Christmas.
  • Mini travel kit: For a fun and personal Christmas gift, customize a kit of handy travel-sized accessories. Pack a decorative bag with items like wrinkle remover spray, an eye mask, hand sanitizer, a stain remover stick and their favourite candies or snack bars. For the finishing touch, use a luggage tag as the To/From tag.
  • Stylish travel gear: Help them hit the airport in style with sleek luggage, eye-catching toiletry bags, jewellery cases that keep necklaces from tangling and more. Think beyond the primary luggage and consider their personal style and interests – such as a shoe bag for the fashionista, a heat-resistant flat-iron case for the primer on the go, and carry-on bags that charge electronics for the tech nerd.
  • Multi-country power adapter: Compact power adapters are available that can convert power in more than 120 countries, ensuring your frequent flyer is always plugged in.
  • Travel alert services: Online services can take the hassle out of juggling multiple trip arrangements. Wakanow automatically pulls and organizes info from emailed flight and hotel confirmations.
  • Wakanow Last Minute Deals: Wakanow offers you extremely affordable holidays to different destinations and puts together exciting tours so the receiver can go where they want and unwind.

Via: HuffPost Travel

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