Flights can be very tempting to book, especially when they come at a serious bargain. However, research into flyer experience has shown that the cheapest flight ticket t isn’t always the best ticket. So, before buying a plane ticket, here are some things you need to consider.



A refundable airplane ticket in a passport

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Imagine saving up all year for that holiday vacation only to end up missing your flight. That could be awry if your ticket isn’t refundable. Since your ticket rules will determine if you’re getting a refund or not, you’re better off reading the fine print. Better still, always insist on buying a refundable ticket even if you have to pay a little extra. You never can tell.


Baggage Allowance

Baggages at an airport terminal

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Each ticket comes with a maximum baggage allowance. This is also dependent on the class of ticket purchased as well as the carrier (airline) involved. Be sure to find out the baggage allowance for the ticket. Trust us, there’s nothing cool about being stuck with excess luggage at a busy airport.



Legroom aboard a flight

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There’s so much to do during a flight but getting cramps isn’t one of them. Why not save yourself the stress by inquiring about the legroom allowance. A flight isn’t really cheap if you arrive feeling like you walked half the trip. Consider this when buying a plane ticket.



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Spending time at the airport could be fun. What’s isn’t much fun is having to spend the night at an airport. This is sometimes occasioned by a long layover. Some layovers will even require you have a transit visa without which you may be disallowed from boarding your flight. Take a minute to understand the flight layover before buying a plane ticket. It may literally save you hours of trouble.


Reward Points

Airline Rewards Miles

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Not all tickets entitle you to earn flight Miles. Though seemingly insignificant at first, there’s a whole lot you can do with the right amount of accumulated Miles. These can be used for flight tickets, flight upgrades, and some cool freebies. So, earn as many Miles as you can. You never know when you’ll find them handy.

Bringing it all together, booking flights shouldn’t be a nightmare only if you book it right. Here’s where you can always get it right.

Do you agree with us or you want to share an unforgettable flight experience? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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