how to avoid jet lag

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Starting your much deserved holiday with long-distance flights, stopovers and connecting flights can leave you feeling tired and having the dreaded jet lag. Not to worry, here are a few easy tips to avoid the unwelcome “jet lag”:

Opt for overnight flights

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Source: Gatwick Airport

Overnight flights mean you would most likely have dinner at your normal time and sleep more than when you’re on an afternoon flight. Depending on your flight duration, you may most likely arrive your destination in the morning or afternoon, making you ease into your normal schedule better.


9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Even before your flight, start your holiday feeling fresh, rather than feeling tired. If you have a rigid schedule, try as much as possible to relax a few days before your flight. A rigid schedule would only make it harder to ease into your new time zones and we definitely don’t want that.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Most times, due to the holiday excitement or time used in packing, people end up sleeping for just a few hours or not at all before a long flight. Big Mistake! Getting a good night’s sleep would help you avoid feeling jet lagged.

Say No to Caffeine

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Source: Sydney Cafes

Try as much as possible to avoid coffee, energy drinks and overeating, at least 12 hours before as well as during our flight.

Although caffeine can help keep you awake for a long time, you would tend to wake up often when you end up falling asleep – reducing your total sleep time and increasing your jet lag recovery time.

Stay hydrated

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Source: The Sun

Drink a lot of water for every hour you’re flight bound – even if you are not thirsty.

Your body functions better when hydrated, so drinking lots of water is an awesome way to avoid jet lag.

In your hand luggage make sure to pack a hydrating spray, moisturizing lotion, and lip balm.

Avoid or Limit Alcohol Inflight

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Source: Business Insider

Don’t let the tempting gin and tonic fool you. Cabin air dehydrates passengers, and altitude changes can increase the effects of alcohol – tiredness and jet lag.

There’s an unwritten rule which says a drink on air can be likened to two or three on the ground so don’t take a lot if you have to.

Try to sleep on the plane.

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Source: Healthy Travel Blog

Travel can be really tiring and the more you rest on your flight, the more you reduce the chances of jet lag.

If you are on an overnight flight, go for the window seat and bring enough padding – pillows to allow you sleep easily.

Hunt for Sunlight

9 Easy Steps To Avoid Jet Lag

Source: KNUE Radio

Get as much daylight as you can after your flight. The sun would make you feel better.


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