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Travelling Soon? Here Are 7 Apps For Making Free Calls On Your Android

Android is one mobile operating system that offers so much value to users, but not many people are aware of these amazing benefits on offer. Among its flurry of useful apps which are quite handy, it also boasts of a good number of apps for making free calls, especially for someone who is on a vacation.

Below are some of our top 7 apps for keeping in touch with your loved ones while on a trip.


Yes, it takes two to tango but with the Tango app, millions of people can converge in a single space and share conversations and contents in fun ways. Created as far back as 2009, the app does virtually everything from video calls to texts, calls and even more.

But here is the fun part, if you love great games. Tango provides online games for users – from Marine Adventures to Pharaoh’s War and Jewel Raiders.  This app is another smart way to beat the boredom of a long flight.

Google Hangouts

This is one cool app from Google, and it is available on various platforms such as Chrome OS, iOS, OS X, Android and Linux. All texts and calls – including video and voice – to Hangouts users are free, and you are allowed to add as much as 100 friends in a group. You also enjoy the luxury of adding up to 10 friends on video calls in a single conversation. If you love to share cool selfies and photos with friends, this app offers all of that excitement in one basket.


Viber is a very popular app for making free calls on Android. As at June 2016, the app recorded a massive 784 million registered users globally. Aside the fact that users on the platform enjoy free calls, the app has taken a step further by adding a new feature called Viber Out. This allows registered users to call other numbers not registered on the platform for a fee.


Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, is a very interactive app for keeping in touch with colleagues at work, friends and loved ones. Just like other apps, calls to fellow Skype users are free, and a fast internet connection is a key guarantee for a remarkable experience.

Facebook Messenger

For the owners of Facebook, leading the pack as the No1 social media platform is never enough. Hence, they have since gone ahead to create a unique messaging platform for connecting users. If you want to make free calls to your Facebook friends, Facebook Messenger is one app that should top your apps-to-download list. It allows you record and send video or voice messages to friends, all for free.


If you are familiar with Nigeria, you are likely to mistake the name for one of the states in the South East region of the country. But Imo is an app co-founded by a former Google employee, Georges Harik, allowing users to freely exchange unlimited texts and voice calls for free. The interesting thing is that the app is less than 6MB in size, and that implies that the app won’t consume much space on your device memory.


The name alone may not cut the ice with you, but Line is one of the most trusted messaging apps around. After creating the app for only iPhone and Android initially, the owners have since expanded its frontiers to major platforms like Blackberry, Windows, Firefox OS, Google Chrome and Mac OS.

Line has a great online shop called Stickers Shop which allows users access virtual stickers that portray original and popular characters at a small fee. Users enjoy the added benefit of interesting games ranging from spot-the-difference games to puzzles, duels, simulations and side-scrolling games.

However, most of these apps come with certain limitations which hinder you from calling or texting everyone you so desire. Some of the features even come at a cost which could dig a hole in the pocket.

But you can shed these needless costs and limitations by opting for Wakanow Travel SIM which is FREE for all Wakanow customers and offers you unlimited access to loved ones and business partners. It also offers free incoming calls from over 70 countries in the world as well as other top destinations.








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