Tips For A Family Fun Day

The travel bug can sneak up on your when you least expect it.  However, there are only so many vacation days and only so much money to go around.  What if your family vacation is weeks away? Or you already took it? If you have a zen for travel there are plenty of other ways to satisfy the need for adventure without breaking the bank.  Quench your desire to head out on the open road with the family by taking them for a special day out!

These 20 ideas for a day out with the family range from enjoying the beauty of nature to educational opportunities for your little ones. Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of all of the sights at your nearest city!

1. Visit a National Park
2. Take the family on a picnic
3. Try your luck at Gokarting with the whole family. Try not to fall off the bike while you are at it too.

4. Have some fun at a nearby amusement park

5. Visit animals at a zoo.
6. Explore a local Aquarium
7. Turn a volleyball pit at the park into your own private beach
8. Spend some time together at a festival (maybe the Calabar festival this month)
9. Find a National Monument close to home and visit it

10. Spend a day at the pool

11. Take the kids for a bike ride on a scenic bike trail
12. Stay cool meandering through a local museum
13. Stop by a local dairy (and see if they have ice cream to sample!
14. Find a quaint little town and browse through their shops

15. Become a tourist in your hometown and explore local attractions

16. Cheer for your favorite team at a sporting event
17. Load up a backpack with water and snacks and go for a hike
18. Gaze at the stars while visiting a planetarium
19.  Go camping and explore nature
20. Have a fun day exploring a mall in your city

Remember, while you out there on the road, act like a tourist!  Take the camera and capture these family memories in the making.  Buy a little souvenir that you can place in a memory jar or set on the mantle when you get home. Search for a special snack that the whole family can enjoy, like cotton candy or ice cream.  Anything that will make this time day out with your family a little more special and extraordinary.

Even though you may only be on the road for a couple of hours or less, don’t forget to bring some fun activities for the car to keep the little ones entertained.

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