Anyone who has been an airport check-in will understand this; Nothing could be more frustrating than being stuck with a couple of kgs excess luggage.

Have you ever had to worry about the industry standard luggage dimensions, or wrap your head around the luggage size chart? We have good news for you! Some airlines now take this flyers’ plight into consideration and are attempting to bridge the gap.

Here are some extra baggage allowance trends in 2018 to watch out for.


Emirates airliner

Source: Contact Emirates

Thinking of boarding an Emirates flight from Lagos or Abuja to Dubai? Count your lucky stars. Emirates is offering additional free baggage allowance across its economy (+ 23 kg) and business (+ 32 kg) cabins if you book your tickets between now until 15th February 2018. This treat isn’t without its conditions, though. Your travel period must fall between now and 30th September 2018. Now, that’s not all. You must stay a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days to benefit from this promotion.

While flying aboard Emirates, you can take advantage of Emirates Skywards. This is Emirates Frequent Flyer Programme that allows you accumulate Miles. With the right amount of Miles, you can unlock a world of Emirates freebies like free tickets, free flight upgrades, VIP Lounge access and many more. 


Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian airliner

Source: Ethiopian Airlines

February is a season of love and pleasant surprises. This time, Ethiopian Airlines is showering love in form of additional baggage allowance aboard selected flights.

Ethiopian Airlines economy class now has a 3-piece luggage allowance (23kg + 23kg + 23kg) which means you can now pack more for less. Business class isn’t left out, as you now have 3-piece luggage allowance (32kg + 32kg + 32kg).
This is valid for tickets booked between 8th February and  15th February for any flight between 8th February and 30th June.

What’s more? You can accumulate Miles on ShebaMiles – Ethiopian Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme. These Miles can open a treasure chest of Ethiopian Airline’s goodies like cheap flights, free tickets, free flight upgrades, VIP Lounge access and many more.

South African Airways

South African Airways airliner

Source: Airlines-Airports

When the roll call of frontline airlines are called, trust to find South African Airlines there, and for good reasons too. It wasn’t surprising to hear this prestigious carrier giving back to her teeming loyal customers.

South African Airways is a worthy member of  Star Alliance – the world’s leading network of airlines, founded in 1997. Hence, Miles accumulated while flying South African Airlines are redeemable across a wide range of partner airlines and selected stores.

What are your projections for this new development? Do you see the trend continuing for a while? Do share your thoughts in the comment section.


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