A list of Nigerian foods to to jazz up your weekend

6 Awesome Nigerian Foods to Try this Weekend

When it comes to recipes, Nigerian foods belong to a class of their own.

Take it or leave it, Jollof rice is just a minute fraction of the many best things to have happened to the Nigerian kitchen. And if you love to experiment with street foods outside the conventional Nigerian meals timetable, here are six Nigerian foods to jazz up your taste bud this weekend.

#1. Ekpang Nkukwo

It’s okay if you can’t pronounce the name. This delicacy has remained the passport to the heart of an Efik man, and it could be yours too, if only you dare to try.

Sounds like a deal? Then, give it a try this weekend!

It’s a porridge made with grated cocoyams wrapped in leaves with slices of greens, palm oil and periwinkles. No joke, it’s better tasted than narrated.

#2. Jollof Rice

Now, two, things: most people would be shocked to see Jollof rice come second on our list. That’s not surprising. And then, there are also some people rolling their eyes in silent protest as to why Jollof rice would be described as ‘Nigerian food.

Well, let’s leave that argument to the African Jollof Rice Challenge to decide.

But you can’t take Jollof rice away from a Nigerian, and no weekend is complete without this lip-smacking meal! It’s advised you go for the original ‘party jollof rice’ for that smoky burnt flavor and discover why everyone wants to lay claim to this amazing food.

#3. Banga

Banga is a game-changer any day, especially when spiced with the right ingredients to give that irresistible flavor. It is native to the people of South South in Nigeria.

It goes well with solid staples like eba, fufu or semo. But it’s advised you take it with “starch.” Just to confirm the irresistibility of this food, people from South Eastern Nigeria prefer to use the soup as stew for boiled white rice.

This is one of the best Nigerian recipes for dinner.

#4. Ewa Agoyin

Make no mistake about it, this street delicacy is just magical for all the right reasons. For decades, there is the debate that the Togolese or Ghanaian version beats the Nigerian variant.

But again, let’s leave that debate alone. What’s important is that this food is so tasty and can be a great proof of your street credibility.

For newbies, ewa agonyi is a mash of beans eaten with peppered palm oil sauce. For a better experience, add tiny slices of pomo (skin hides), fried plantain or fried fish, and you are on a journey of no return. Most people enjoy it better with bread.

Just recently, an exclusive online platform has been launched to offer this African delicacy to millions of Ewa agonyi fans all over Lagos.

Something to cheer about, isn’t it?

#5. Yamarita

This street delicacy perfectly captures how creative Nigerians can be when it comes to matters of the stomach.

It is a delightful assortment of boiled yams dipped in a mixture of flour and egg which is then fried until it becomes irresistibly crispy.

It can be served with a pepper stew or chili sauce.

#6. Abacha

Forget the name and follow the taste. This African salad is all shades of awesome. And the interesting thing is that Abacha can be relished as a meal or snack, depending on your preference.

It’s prepared with dried, beaten cassava and garnished with ample serving of garden eggs, dry fish and greens.

Have you had a Nigerian food that got all the butterflies bopping in your tummy? Share with us in the comment section.

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