Finding things to do while waiting for your connecting flight can seem like a nightmare especially for those who are restless and in need of entertainment. Instead of looking at the clock longingly and wondering why it’s moving extra slowly or counting the tiles on the airport floor. Why not do something to make your wait less exhausting.

Here’s our list of 7 things to do while waiting for your connecting flight to kick the boredom away and stop you from pulling your hair out.

  • Have a Nap

sleeping on the bench

It’s very likely that you’ll be exhausted from your long trip. A quick power nap or a long beauty sleep might not be a bad idea while waiting for your connecting flight.

There are a number of ways to enjoy a few shut eyes while waiting for your connecting flight.

The first option is to sleep on a few seats at the boarding gate but the only problem is watching over your hand luggage while sleeping.

Another option is to book a space at the airport cabin, which are usually equipped with- beds, free Wi-Fi, and showers to make you feel refreshed.

There are also modern comfortable secluded sleep pods that you can hire for some hours.

  • Discover the airport

There’s always something to do in both international and local airports – whether it’s trying out different restaurants, indulging in duty-free shopping or better still, people watching.

You can try out delicious local or international dishes and excite your taste buds with something new. There are a number of things to buy while waiting for your connecting flight, whether it’s newspapers, clothes or even makeup items.

The airport is the perfect place to people watch, seeing as it’s filled with diverse cultures and tradition from all across the globe.

  • Improve Your Networking Skills

At the airport you meet people from different walks of life, a traveller can be – backpacking around the world, going for a business meeting, embarking on vacation holidays or even attending a wedding.

The first thing to do is look approachable and encourage people to take the seat beside you.

Frowning, crossing your hands in front of your chest and filling up the seat beside you with your luggage or newspaper are all no-nos.

Simply talk to the person seated beside you, you never know that might be an answer to some of your business needs.

If there’s no connection or it appears you’re disturbing, keep it moving.


  • Keep In Touch With Family

talking on the phone

You have a few hours to spare while waiting for your connecting flight, why not call your loved ones while you wait? Sometimes our busy routine gets in the way of connecting with the ones we love the most.

Sending a long voice note to that childhood friend, skype calling your folks and video calling your siblings are tips on how to survive long layovers.


  • Read Something

Read a book

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid reader or you don’t enjoy turning the pages of an actual book.

A good read always helps to pass the time while waiting for your connecting flight, if you don’t have a physical book an e-book will do just fine.

You can also buy magazines at the airport or a newspaper- find out what’s going on in the world you live in.


  • Write Things Down

You can start with a bucket list of places you’ll want to visit, cultures you want to dive in and delicacies you’ll want to taste.

Write down new hobbies you will love to learn.  To make a memorable scrapbook, you can write down all you have observed at the airport while waiting for your connecting flight.

  • Explore the City

explore the city

Depending on the layover time, it’s a perfect opportunity to add more countries to your bucket list and put on your adventure hat.

Get a visitor visa and step into the city you’re waiting in, what could possibly go wrong with exploring a new city?

There’s nothing better than being a tourist in a new city and being amongst the locals for a few hours.

Before your excitement gets over the top, make sure you answer this question: Can I leave the airport between connecting flights?

Major research should be carried out on the visa process required to embark on layover tours. It’s all dependent on the destination you’ll want to embark on.


Here we have it, our list of 7 things to do while waiting for your connecting flight. If you have any other suggestions of what to do while waiting for your connecting flight, we will love to hear from you.


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