Traveling Morocco

Exploring Morocco: The Red City | Travel Tips

Morocco is filled with a number of distinct diverse culture and tradition. It’s a gateway to some of the best artefacts, natural splendour and best of all warm, welcoming people.


Traveling Morocco

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For every foodie out there, a visit to Morocco should be on your travel list. Excite your taste buds with the delicious meals and extraordinary spices. Want to experience a gastronomical treat? Morocco has got it all, ranking high on the list of world’s best cuisines.


Traveling Morroco

Morocco transports visitors to a world of almost medieval-like style. The popular way of life for Moroccans is Souks but to survive you’ll need the power of negotiation and a friendly spirit.

The art exhibitions are definitely something to write home about.

Things To Do

Traveling Morocco

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There are a number of exciting things to do in Morocco- from historic sites, museums, outdoor activities, nightlife and so much more. Enter the King Hassan II Mosque and delve in the true Moroccan tradition, you can also go quad biking in Marrakech.


Traveling Morocco

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Morocco has its own distinct structures that makes it a tourist favorite. It boasts of rich man-made landmarks that have lasted over centuries and the very best nature has to offer. Sights include Medina of Marrakesh, Ben Yousef Madrasa, and Essaouira Ramparts.

Best Time to Visit

Traveling Morocco

For Muslims who want to celebrate Ramadan in another region the best time to visit Morocco is from May till September. However, the most popular times to visit is in Spring and Autumn, the only disadvantage is the price.

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