Kenya is a vacation spot off the beaten track, and many tourists troop here every day to experience its sunshine, colourful beaches and wildlife. Yet, we bet there’s more to what you already know about this beautiful country; some intriguing, and others, purely weird.

So, here are a 7 Kenya facts we bet you didn’t know.

  • Kenyans love bargains like…

Top Kenya facts

Who wouldn’t want great value for their money? Well, if you don’t, Kenyans do, and they certainly know how to pull this off with some good jest and humour too.

So, the next time you land in Kenya and you don’t have sufficient money for shopping, don’t sweat it. Simply put on your bargaining hat and you’ll be sure to get some good deals. Remember, Kenya has some of the biggest shopping malls in Africa, and it will be great to put your bargaining skills to a litmus test here.

  • Snake tour is a big deal here

Snake Tour in Kenya - Top Kenya facts

Kenya boasts of well over 120 species of snakes, and you can add a snake tour to your bucket list of activities the next time you visit Kenya. A snake tour here allows you take the plunge and delve deep into thick jungles, caves, sprawling mangroves, riverbeds and rocky cliffs as you spot these elusive creatures swirling and balling in their natural habitat.

  • A dowry starts from 10 cows

Image Source: BBC

Dowries still play a huge role in African marriage, and it’s unlikely this practice will change any soon. In Kenya, you need a minimum of 10 cows or the cash equivalent as bride price.

In some cases, some suitors are required to offer as much as 50 cows, and even more.

  • In Kenya, there’s no middle-class

Well, all fingers are never equal, but that gulf seems way more pronounced in Kenya. You may have been used to the middle-class social tag prevalent in most countries of the world.

But Kenya is interestingly different. There’s nothing like middle-class here; you are either a rich dude with enough cash to throw around or a broke ass, confined to the lower rug of the social ladder. Here, the gap between the rich and poor is so palpable that you can cut it with a knife.

  • Great filming locations for blockbusters

This seductive African destination makes for a great film location, and popular movies like The Air Up There, Born Free, Tomb Raider, Out of Africa and Nowhere in Africa are some of the movies to have been shot in Kenya.

The presence of rolling mountains; white, sandy beaches, and incredible safaris offers amazing backdrops for motion picture, and it’s not hard to figure out why Kenya has been a massive attraction for most movie producers around the world.

  • Kenya’s Great Rift Valley is over 20 million-years-old

Great Rift Valley in Kenya

Can you beat that?

Scientists say this soaring cliff was formed about 20 million years ago when the earth began to split. The valley has a string of alkaline lakes – Naivasha, Nakuru, Hell’s Gate, etc – with lots of pelicans, flamingos and other bird species. This makes the valley a hotspot for bird-watchers.

  • It’s the Big Five Kingdom

Call it the Safari Capital of the world, and you are not wrong!

Kenya is home to the Big Five – the African elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and the rhino. It’s not surprising why CNN once rated Kenya’s safaris as the best in the world.

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