Egypt is a fascinating vacation destination with great history. This warm North African beauty boasts of many UNESCO World Heritage sites. Here are our top 3 wonders to see in Egypt this Christmas.

The Pyramids of Giza

spend Christmas in Egypt
Giza’s pyramid complex – the last surviving wonder of the ancient world – has awed countless generations since the ancient times. Majestic in allure, they continue to marvel travellers even by our modern standards. These ancient memorials of the Egyptian royalty are an absolute must-see on any Egyptian holiday – and definitely worth travelling to Egypt for.

Luxor’s Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings

Christmas in Egypt? Yes!

Think Egypt this Christmas. Luxor is literally worth its weight in gold. Once the power base of the New Kingdom pharaohs, this ancient site boasts more sights than most can see on one visit. Here, you can explore amazing temple murals and paintings. You can also double up the fun shopping at the souk (market) on Luxor’s East Bank.

White Desert

White Christmas in Egypt

The White Desert is the stuff of sci-fi movies. With miles of endless white sand forming white boulders and iceberg-like pinnacles, this dreamy spot is the ultimate adventure playground for desert landscape enthusiasts. Perfect spot for a white Christmas getaway in Africa, or even a romantic wedding.

So, why not plan a getaway to Egypt this Christmas? You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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