10 Travel Tips for a Solo Traveler

Travelling alone could seem timid for a first-time traveller, especially when you haven’t been to a particular country before – you may easily worry about little things. Although travelling in a group could boost the fun, who said you can’t have all the dose of fun while travelling alone. In fact, there’s a whole lot to do when you travel alone as opposed to travelling in a group.

So, why not travel alone? Here are fun tips outlined in no particular order that could help you get the most of your travel.

1. Start Your Day Early

This seems far fetched for an average Nigerian because you know, ‘Nigerian time’ but as insignificant as it might seem, starting your day early is a great way to really explore and make the most of your trip. When you start your day early you get to be properly organized and conveniently tour around the city.

2. Do Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

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Don’t be hesitant to talk to that good looking fellow, or go to that particular spot you have always wanted to or even skydive, you probably wouldn’t have done any of them if you had friends come along.

So, take advantage of that alone time you have and actually dig deep – you never know what you will find. Solo travel helps you to be daring enough and even builds your confidence.

3. Document Your Trip; Take Plenty of Pictures and Videos

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This can’t be overemphasised, It is a necessary step to keep your family and friends in the loop, this does not only give your friends a view of the city from your own point of view, but it also provides some sort of security as to where you are in cases of emergencies.

Occasionally, we all love taking pictures, but going on Instagram live could make your friends feel more connected to the experience. Making videos of exotic views could also add some content to your travel experience. Who wouldn’t want to document their travel experience anyway?

4. Leave a Copy of Your Travel Itinerary with Friends

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Source: US Passport Service Guide

For security reasons, it is advisable to leave a copy of your travel Itinerary with someone back home. The itinerary could include a copy of your flight ticket, hotel tickets and transfers ticket ( airport pick up and drop off), to book a transfer service send a mail to It’s quite necessary that someone back home has a copy of your itineraries in case of an emergency.

5. Always Stay Connected To The Internet

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If you needed to use a mobile map or order for a cab in a country that doesn’t speak English, how do you intend to stay connected? There are various internet bundles that require a purchase of a new sim, but why go through the hassle of buying a new sim, registering and then loading it when you could easily get a travel sim before travelling.

The Wakanow International Travel Sim works everywhere in the world and it is cheaper than roaming your local lines, with Wakanow travel sim you can receive calls for free anywhere in the world.

There are various affordable data bundles that keep you connected anywhere in the world. Once you get off the plane, all you have to do is place the sim in your mobile phone and it automatically connects.

The Wakanow International Sim is free to get at any outlets or you could send a mail to to make a request, it would require an initial top-up of $10 for calls to any network.

6. Meet Other Travelers

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Right from when you are on the plane try to be open-minded and friendly.  You can meet new people anywhere including restaurants, coffee shops and bars, dining in a restaurant gives you ample time to look around and meet people.

Try to go to bars or parties and socialise with people of the city, do that with a drink or two, know your drinking limit. If you are clueless about what bar or restaurant to go, Google is your best friend or you could ask the hotel receptionist.

You could also book a tour if you feel lonely, the Wakanow Tour Packages offer various tour destinations. Taking time to meet people and making new friends is a good way to network.

7. Do Your Research

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This requires proper background search on where you’re going, it would be quite useful to know beforehand what hotel you’d be staying in, what language the locals speak, how conservative or open-minded the people are, what the weather conditions would be like, this would guide your packing.

You also wouldn’t want to wear something that attracts unnecessary attention. Have a small booklet with you for taking notes of common slang used, things you would love to do and places you would want to visit.

8. Keep Your Style Simple

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It is best to leave your valuables back home, you don’t need to wear that Rolex wrist watch or that diamond necklace as this could attract thieves and unnecessary attention. You also wouldn’t want to wear something that screams tourist, travelling for fun is seen as luxury except you don’t plan on having fun. The best form of travel is travelling light.

9. Learn the Basic Local Language

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Learn a little of the local language, few words, figures or phrases on how to introduce yourself.  Order a drink and start a basic conversation, people love to know you are making an effort and doing your best to interact even if your words are a bit rusty.

10. Never Leave Your Luggage Unattended

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The best way to feel safe is to have travel insurance, you will need to keep an eye on your belongings and never accept a package from someone you aren’t familiar with.  To know more about the Wakanow travel insurance visit that way your luggage, flights and medical expenses are covered but

So, book a solo trip this summer or on your next vacation, solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence because your mistakes are your own and your triumph all the more exciting.

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