7 Romantic Getaway Spots in Africa that will Take Your Breath Away

For travelers the world over, Africa has it all: iconic safaris, white, blue and sandy beaches, intoxicating backdrops, ancient treasures and a mesmerizing culture that has left tourists drooling and falling head over heels for ages!

But Africa also has her soft, idyllic side waiting to be discovered by new couples who want to explore the romance pages of their lives together.

Looking for that perfect spot to plant your lips on her forehead? Looking for the right spot to go wild and free while creating those memories of a lifetime? Looking for those romantic getaway spots in Africa that leave you perfectly in awe?

Look no further.  Here are the 7 hottest spots in Africa to love up like a hopeless romantic right now.

#1. Great Rift Valley – Kenya

Great Rift Valley Romantic getaway spots in Africa

Picture yourself waking up to the warm embrace of Mother Nature in this mesmerizing spot regarded as the birthplace of humanity. Imagine a romantic escape that lets you take in fresh air under the clear, blue skies.

This valley runs about 4,000 miles from northern Syria all the way through Mozambique in South East Africa. It’s not only one of the best romantic vacation spots in Africa, it is a perfect destination catch a glimpse into how civilization started in Africa.

#2. Bissagos Archipelago – Guinea Bissau

Bissagos Archipelago Romantic getaway spots in Africa

Most of the 88 islands that make up this archipelago are largely unspoiled, making it a perfect spot for newlyweds to make their one-in-a-lifetime memories.

Pack your bags and delve into this serene haven known for its coastal savannah, palm forests and rolling mangroves with intertidal zones.

#3. Zanzibar – Tanzania

Zanzibar Romantic getaway spots in Africa

This charming island is located just off the coast of Tanzania, and hopeless romantics will always find this spot enticing every time.

Grab your best half by the hand and wander wild and free through Stone Town and its breezy alleyways and let the city unfold its mystery right before you.

#4. Praslin Island – Seychelles

Praslin Islands Seychelles Romantic getaway spots in Africa

Beneath the palm fridges and lush tropical forests that define this island is its remarkable capacity to inspire wonder. It is home to world-class beaches – Anse Lazio and Anse Geogette – and couples can visit the magnificent Cousine Island ideal for bird watching while exploring its undulating mountains and mangroves.

#5. The Namib Desert – Namibia

The Namib Desert Romantic getaway spots in Africa

Let’s be frank, if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could die for this world’s oldest desert, so will you.

Whether you want to get lost in its amazing sand dunes, have a date with nature at the Skeleton Coast National Park or escape into the sexy seaside resort of Swakopmund while gazing helplessly at the incredible desert landscapes, here is one of the best destinations to get all the butterflies boogying in your tummy.

#6. Masai Mara – Kenya

Masai Mara Romantic getaway spots in Africa

It’s not hard to imagine why Kenya made our list twice. Only a few countries in Africa can rub shoulders with this East African oasis at the moment.

Imagine staying in a tented camp of massive, sunburnt grassland inhabited by all shades and colors of animals – big and small, wild and tame, etc. More interesting is the fact that Masai Mara houses the highest lion population on the planet!

To make the experience all the more memorable, visit this reserve between the period of July and October and witness firsthand biggest wildlife show in the entire world – the Great Migration.

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#7. Drakensberg, Kwa-Zulu Natal – South Africa

A number of spots come to mind when thinking about the perfect romantic getaway spots in Africa. But Drakensberg surely stands out, any day. This eastern section of the Great Escarpment boasts of enchanted mountains that are just as seductive as the Dolomite Mountains in Italy.

Drakensberg is your ideal spot to escape the pressures of the world while you relax and cuddle into ever-after bliss.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a newlywed waiting to explore the sunny side of love or an old couple trying to switch on the excitement once again, there are cool romantic holiday spots in Africa that are just as heavenly as heaven itself.

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