5 Interesting Facts About Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is pretty much unsung and for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps, you could blame this on global politics. However, one thing is sure. This sprawling Russian city – aptly described as an exotic confluence of the ancient and the modern – exudes a charming vibe that endears tourists at first sight.

To clear any possible doubt you might still have, let’s take you on a short tour of 5 interesting facts about Saint Petersburg. Let’s go.


Green City

About Saint Petersburg - a green city

There’s actually no greener major city in the whole of Russia than St. Petersburg and the numbers speak for themselves. There are currently more than 200 parks and gardens, plus over a thousand tree-lined streets and more than 700 leafy squares. If you think that’s all, there’s more in the bag.

Current statistics indicate Saint Petersburg has more than 2,000 hectares of greenery in total – or more than 56 square meters for each of the city’s more than 4.5 million inhabitants. These figures are more than many Western cities can boast of. Now, if that doesn’t boggle your mind, it’s safe to say nothing ever will.


Cultural Capital

Scenic views of Saint Petersburg, Russia's cultural capital

Saint Petersburg is fondly referred to as the “Capital of Culture” and for a good reason too. Formerly named Leningrad, the city centre boasts of around 8000 landmarks. Little wonder the entire historic centre of Saint Petersburg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here in the “rooftop” city, you can take in some scenic landscape while sipping on some coffee just how you like it. What’s more? You can even write your own romantic fairytale if you want. Whatever you choose to do, you’re guaranteed a happy ending after.


Open-Air Museum

Saint Petersburg - Open-Air Museum

Another name for Saint Petersburg is the “Open-Air Museum.” This Russia city boasts of more sights – museums, cathedrals, art galleries, and landmarks – more than you’ll see in the average European city. With up to 200 museums and 270 cathedrals, Saint Petersburg sets the bar so high, you may need the Airforce to get it.

Visit the Hermitage collection – Saint Petersburg’s #1 tourist attraction – comprising of about 3 million items housed in 350 halls of five buildings. These include famous works of Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso, Rubens, Matisse and many globally renowned artists.


White Nights

White Nights in Saint Petersburg

Heaven literally seems to smile down on Saint Petersburg, or so it would seem. The city’s high latitude position makes it famous for its white nights. These occur sometimes during May, June, and practically the whole of July. During this period, the city experiences longer days because the sun shines till the midnight and then rises again at 3-4 at night. White nights last for about 50 days, starting on May 25-26 and finishing on July 16-17. Simply put, you can expect a lit Saint Petersburg during the upcoming World Cup 2018 fiesta.


Gastronomic Capital

Nightlife in downtown Saint Petersburg - Russia's gastronomic capital

Say “Hello” to Russia’s foodie capital. Saint Petersburg is home to nearly 300 bars, pubs, and nightclubs. With these sprawling array of joints, Saint Petersburg quite easily beats Moscow to the title of Russia’s gastronomic capital.

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