Lagos In The Rain

If you are planning a vacation to the commercial hub and most populated city in Africa—Lagos, now is a time to pause and reconsider it. The city which can be described as an island owing to the ocean which surrounds it is not an ideal place to visit in the rainy season. If you recall the much talked about 3 days of rain from last year which put the entire city in turmoil, then you may begin to understand where our concerns stem from. The city was covered in floods and a lot of people lost cars, property and buildings to it.

If you are looking for a sunny place to visit in Nigeria this summer, you may want to visit Calabar, Enugu, Abuja or any of the other thriving metropolitans that dot the country.

Or, you can just brave the currents and come to Lagos, there’s always extra space in our umbrellas for a visitor

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  1. akpata hannah says:

    dis is quite tedious,i thought tins like dis shouldn’t occure anymore in lagos state wit everytin gov fashola put in place

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