There’s hardly anyone who takes pleasure in paying exorbitant charges for a service. Knowing the smartest possible ways to make a booking on a budget could be quite exciting. The same is true when making your hotel booking. It makes no sense throwing your hard-earned cash out of the window when you can explore some simple tricks to book cheap hotel deals.

That is why we have taken the pain to put together these simple ideas to get the best value when making your hotel booking.

Ready? Let’s go!

  • Time is everything

Most travelers make the mistake of waiting till the last minute before making a booking. How wrong that is! Just like flights, the closer your travel date, the more money you are likely to cough out for your hotel accommodation.

Imagine you were planning a romantic getaway with bae, and one of the Game of Thrones filming locations was your ideal destination. It makes great sense to book your hotel way ahead of your travel date,  and save up some cash for your tours, transfers and food.

  • Choose the best booking portal

Making a booking through a hotel’s website is not always a great idea, especially if you are interested in getting the best deals. But booking with an aggregated travel portal gives you the power of choice and myriads of options. The interesting part is that you will be able to compare prices from a variety of hotels on a single platform.

  • Sign up for a loyalty program

Loyalty comes with its own shelf-load of benefits, and travel booking is no exception. Every hotel wants to recognize loyal customers, and so, you stand a better chance of getting certain concessions on your booking if you have demonstrated such commitment over time.

The Wakanow Loyalty Program is a great way to save on cash on your hotel booking. It allows you earn reward points that could be used to book cheap hotel deals or flights with Wakanow or simply shop for your choice items in select merchant outlets.

  • Go combo all the way

Booking your hotel and flight together is one of the best ways to enjoy great savings. But again, such offers are available to customers who book through an aggregator’s portal, and not the regular hotel websites.

  • Haggle nicely

Who says you can’t negotiate a fair deal on hotels?

You certainly can try your bargaining skills when booking a hotel, and ensure not to be confrontational about it. But this is only applicable when you book directly with the hotel. And asking for a percentage discount in a nice way could land you a great offer. So, ask!

One of the proven ways to book cheap hotel deals is by talking to a trusted and experienced travel agent about your budget and preferences. This way, you get relevant booking information, including ongoing promos and special deals.

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